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Design Clothing with Thai fabrics

“Thai garment design or embroidery pattern on the fabric is made every step with exquisite care in the heart of all description. We emphasize that each piece has style and unique design. Sometimes the fabric is done on dying technique then cut and decorated to match the different requirement.”

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Use thai fabric that has the specialty of weaving, its printing from each parts of Thailand. Combine the cloth with easy fabric nowaday. We do not make a mass product but we make 1 design for 1 piece. The client satisfactory is our aim.

Character of product

It has strong point to show the product of shirt, trousers, skirt and handbags. We decorate our shop in Thai style combining with today's fashion. We have the reception area to talk with customer at meeting corner in friendly atmosphere. Also we have catalogue and up-to-date magazine for customers including the changing room.


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1,500 Baht

Thai fabrics

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3,500 Baht

Thai silk

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